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About Us



Playing games online through websites and mobile applications has been trending for many years, and it should be. Playing these games at home or on the go is easy for users, while helping them to exercise their brain and build their cognitive abilities. As you age, skills like processing speed and memory can decrease over time. By regularly playing brain games, you can slow this deterioration and keep your mind sharp.

MoneyHunter Corp is a family-based business. We offer difficult and interesting puzzles (Hunts) that are super entertaining. Many portals on the internet promise the best brain puzzles, and it ends in disappointment. At MoneyHunter Corp you will only see completely original puzzles Try to be the first to solve the Hunt, our owner has a tendency to reward our winners.

Most online platforms want to take up as much of your time as possible; we want the opposite. We want you to sharpen your mind, but only spend the time required to solve the Hunt. We will be creating twelve to fifteen hunts per year. This will demand less of your valuable time. You will be shown a timer displaying the puzzle’s start time. Once you enter a Hunt, we will notify you before the hunt starts just in case you forget.

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Our Vision


Our vision for MoneyHunter Corp and our users is crystal clear. We want to help you keep your brain healthy. The winner of each hunt on MoneyHunter Corp will get the respect and honor deserved. The owners Bounty will be worth your time. (Check the current hunt for details). You will have to do some serious brainstorming to be our winner.



Our Mission


We are on a mission to host the ultimate battle of the brains. Participants will need to use all of their skills to solve our Hunt and be our champion. Our focus is to exercise your brain, help build your mental abilities and possibly receive a Bounty from the owner. Even if you do not win on the first try, we bet that you will be happy with the long-term effects of the time and effort you put into the Hunt. Every puzzle will be different, so there is always a chance the next puzzle will fit your way of thinking perfectly.



Our Motivation


In this world where everyone is busy with their jobs or studies, going through life’s repetitive motions, there is very little or no time to do anything creative. Our motivation is to host a creative Hunts, integrating smart minds from all over the world and have them race to solve our Hunt. This will be both, interesting and rewarding.



Our Inspiration


We were mesmerized by Forest Fenn and his treasure when we learned about it in 2015. Forrest Fenn was an older American art dealer and author from Santa Fe, New Mexico. The Fenn Treasure was a cache of gold and jewels that had a value of two million dollars. He hid that treasure in the Rocky Mountains of the United States in 2010. It was so intriguing, the idea of a treasure hunt that actually had a treasure to be found. There are many historical hidden treasures that we think may exist, but no one knows if the treasure has been found or if there ever was one at all.

Just like most people that have read his treasure map (a well thought out poem), we were ready to pack and head to the Rocky Mountains. We soon realized that was very unrealistic, life is not so easily put-on hold. A lot of time was spent thinking of ways to justify joining the hunt for Fenn's treasure, with no avail. That is when the seed of MoneyHunter Corp was planted. It seemed to us that this wonderfully intriguing treasure hunt could be made available to everyone by allowing them to search from their computers or phones. So, after 6 years of research, planning and development, that is what we have done.

The MoneyHunter Corp seed started to grow, intending to create digital treasures maps and allow everyone to search for the treasure safely from their homes. As time went on, we stumbled onto another great influence, “The Witness”. This amazing game inspired us to evolve our seed, transforming it from just treasure maps to creating puzzles of all kinds, without limits. A puzzle will now consist of video, audio, pictures, words and maps; really anything at all. Make sure to pay close attention to each one.


The Witness was an amazing puzzle video game developed and published by Thekla, Inc in 2016.

(For any of you that are just hearing about Forrest Fenn and his treasure, you are out of luck, the treasure was found on June 6th, 2020).


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